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Air Brush Kit For Cake Makers And Decorators - With Humidifier

Product Code: Karens-2
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Air Brush Kit For Cake Makers And Decorators - With Humidifier

Cake Decorating Air Brush Kit - Portable - With humidifier 

Humidifier extract extra moisture from the air before spraying - this will make the colors drying time faster as there is less moisture in the sprayed colour - However most of the houses which are centrally heated there is less humidity in the house anyway so a normal airbrush machine without humidifier works just fine as well.

Ideal for Cake Decoration.

Airbrush Characteristics: ( Specially Designed for Food and Edible Colour consistency)

  • Gravity feed top mounted 2cc colour cup
  • Less air pressure required to operate
  • Needle/Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm 
  • Constant air flow
  • Easy to maintain
  • Chrome plated - easier to clean
  • Technical -Internal mix (Air/Paint mix inside airbrush giving a fine dot spray pattern)
  • Spray pattern approx. 1.6 - 30 mm

Compressor Characteristics:

  • 3 pressure settings - low, medium, high
  • Very quiet in use
  • Max Air pressure 15psi
  • Power - 12 V
  • Airbrush holder
  • 6 Month Seller Warranty
  • Strong Aluminum Case for storage
To prolong your airbrush gun’s life span , clean your gun in proper way: water paint should be cleaned with water thinner like Alcohol; oil paint should be cleaned with oil thinner like ethyl acetate.